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  • Deleted user 17 August 2012 16:01:33
    Def-Jam fight for New York,

    Developed using AKI's awesome fighting engine from the N64 wrestling games, tweaked and seemingly sped up as if on crack. The whole feel of the game reminded me of Van Dam's A.W.O.L, you go around fighting other well known fighters in clubs, carparks and rooftops to earn money and take over clubs.

    The fights are visceral and burtal and AKI's fighting system is superb, with reversals and counters playing an important part, the fights can last anywhere between 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending the skill of your opponents. The story and design however was no doubt EA's contribution and I found it dull and despite the 5 hour length dragged on.

    2 Player Vs mode is superb and there's a few (if limited) fight scenario options. It's easy to pick up and takes skill and timing to play well, if you button mash you will loose quickly, I'd like to give it a 9, but the options and variety are thin, as well as the grinding story mode, but the fighting system is one of the best, pick it up for PS2 and Xbox original for a couple of


    EA went solo for the 360/PS3 sequel Def-Jam Icon and (unsurprisingly) the game is fucking awful so don't get that, hopefully we'll see another AKI developed fighting game in the future.
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