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    Binary Domain (360)

    I liked the premise in this and the story unfolds nicely if in a somewhat predictable way. The supporting cast is decent, particularly Cain whose commentary at times seemed like a throwback to the prosaic Vortigaunt in HL2: EP2. You get a pretty unremarkable set of weapons but the gunplay is satisfyingly meaty, and dismembering the robots never seems to get old (which is good 'cos that pretty much all you do). I liked the presentation too. I found the main menu, in-game menu, shops, character stats manipulation, sound-effects and the way the camera cinematically zooms in on Dan at the start of a fight all strangely reminiscent of FF13 (as bizarre as that may sound).

    The environments that you progress through are a bit drab and lifeless; they never seem to do themselves justice. I think I had two main gripes with the game. Firstly, your team-mates are constantly in your way be it in your line of fire or competing with you for cover (the former being particularly annoying since friendly-fire diminishes their trust in you). Secondly, the camera is pulled in way too tight behind your character. This is fine when the bog-standard robots are politely filing in from the other end of the room, but when you're facing a host of agile enemies rushing you from all sides and you're trying to move, aim and dodge all whilst fighting the camera round to see where you're getting hit from and where is safe to go to it just becomes horrible. There are one or two sections in the game where this is a veritable pain in the arse.

    A solid 7/10. I could have even perhaps stretched to an 8 if Sega had shown the good sense to give it a New Game+ mode.
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