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  • Deleted user 16 September 2012 22:51:55
    I can't say I was ever bored playing Mass Effect (the first one). RDR is a grind, sure it looks amazing, and has unmatched production and polish but past that it's a mediocre third person shooter with a dull predictable story. It has all the traits of an RPG without the good bits, like a branching story, decent loot, levelling up and a good combat system, it's like they were too scared to go the distance and just make an RPG for fear of offending their fans.

    Anyway just finished Walking Dead episode 3, I suspect Eurogamer are just waiting till episode 5 is released and reviewing the whole package, and if the last 2 episodes maintain the quality it will go down as one of the best modern point and click adventure games/interactive thingys around, if you want a great story, characters and TOUGH choices go download it.
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