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    Sleeping Dogs (PC)

    It made a nice change to play an open world game in another country instead of the usual New York-style American city.

    The city was one of the best realised in a game for a long while and the graphics were amazing especially with the high-res pack. The night time scenes and rain looked almost real. I spent a lot of time just driving around looking at the scenery.

    Story-wise the game felt solid throughout and the last few missions were pretty epic.

    Most of the side missions were okay too which gave the game some extra longevity. It would have been nice to have more missions like those at the end because a percentage of the game was taken up by missions that didn't involve a lot (albeit used to advance the story).

    There wasn't really that much gun play in the game as most of it took place with hand-to-hand combat. It took some getting used to at the start because I had come straight from Batman AC but once leveled up the combat felt solid. The environmental moves such as throwing somebody into a furnace or under a hoisted up car engine (pleasant) was a nice additional touch to the combat.

    I did find that once I mastered the fighting the game seemed easy especially with all the health upgrades.

    If you like open world games then this is a game not to miss. I wasn't expecting too much from it but it was brilliant from start to finish. I was quite disappointed when it ended which is quite rare for me these days.

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