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    Max Payne 3 (PC)

    I'm really on the fence with this game. Act 1 and 3 are brilliant, act 2 is terrible. The gameplay very repetitive and only ever really changes towards the end. Graphics are fab, some of the levels (UFE Police station) are brilliant.

    Graphics are quite amazing at times, but then the annoying cut scenes and "onscreen noise" and flickers just ruin it all. Some character are fab, others are dull and irritating.

    Its an odd one. Great game, and terrible game rolled into one!

    6/10 (glad I only paid 15 for it in the steam summer sale)

    Batman Arkham City (PC)

    Bought this last year only just got around to playing it. Really enjoyed it. great game. Amazing graphics and physx. Truly immersive world. World class acting and voice acting. You can understand why it won a BAFTA.


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