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    andywilkie35 wrote:
    Rock Band Blitz (360)

    Got the achievement for playing 150 unique songs so feel like now is as good a time as any to review as that's a serious amount of hours!

    Bought every edition of Rock Band on day 1 so with those imported and of course copious amounts of DLC, I have a huge library of songs to choose from. I mention this because having the library is absolutely essential for the game as the 25 songs supplied range from "good" to "fucking dreadful".

    However, assuming you have access to a lot of songs, this game is incredible. Addictive, particularly when trying to beat friends scores using different combinations of power ups and has one of the best soundtracks to a game (obviously)

    Easily the best download game in my opinion, even surpasses the almighty Trials Evolution for me.

    I haven't played Blitz that much yet (still to play all 25 of the bundled songs), but I do have a decent collection of Rock Band tracks (exports from RB1, RB2 and Lego RB as well as maybe 100 or so DLC songs). I also went a little crazy recently with all the pre-RB3 DLC songs being half price.

    My main criticism of Rock Band Blitz is that it ditched one of the improvements that made Rock Band 3 so amazing: song rating.

    My favourite way to play Rock Band 3 was just to let it randomly choose songs for me. It had a brilliant system where songs I'd rated 5 lighters were more likely to come up, all the way down to songs I'd rated 1 lighter not coming up at all. Genius, and I really miss that in Rock Band Blitz, unless I've completely failed to notice it in the menus.
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