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  • Deleted user 10 November 2012 17:24:22
    theguy wrote:
    MORTAL KOMBAT 2 (SNES emulator)

    Kintaro was much much harder than Shao Khan (mainly cause i spammed Shao Khan with Meleena) but I did it. I finished the game. No idea on what to rate it

    It's a brillaint conversion, probably one of the best, (better than the recent release on PSN/Xbla) The best one ever though would be on the Midway Arcade Treasures collection (I have the original Xbox version but it's for PS2 also)

    As for the game?
    I'd give it 8/10, it's just to hard due to the opponents 'reading' your inputs, so you really have to resort to cheap tactics.
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