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    Finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution t'other day.

    Thoughts: Great sci-fi concept, well handled and with lots of background if you want to dive into all that stuff.

    Gameplay-wise very streamlined, felt good to play and all of the systems worked as they should. Good fun, lots to do, good replay value.

    Boss battles: this has been done to death, but seriously how shit were these? Not sure if the final boss was part of the outsourcing debacle as it seemed to have some vague elements of hacking and stealth, but overall was still pretty shit.

    I'd probably give it a 9, the boss battles almost brought it down to an 8 (and would have done if I hadn't read about the Typhoon and avoided the LIMB software upgrade which disables it, but the polish and story/concept made up for it.

    Last point, Adam Jensen was a bit of a crap main character not in terms of the concepts and motivations, rather in the way he looked and sounded, but whatever.
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