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    Rayman Origins

    Have played through to the end credits, although I've still a few more things to do to get to the final boss which may or may not ever happen.

    + looks spectacularly beautiful, the animation / colours etc. are better than virtually all the kids TV stuff my children watch.
    + A well paced game, mixing up various different types of stages / introducing new powers etc. at just the right time in general
    + More variety than most platformers, with the flying levels being a particular highlight.
    + No pointless collectibles

    = gets very tricky towards the end, and I haven't even got to the post credits bit yet
    = Speed runs / ribbons seem incredibly hard challenges, and look to be well beyond my skill level

    - I'm not a big fan of boss fights generally, and one in particularly the first Mocking Bird fight was particularly tricky
    - the inevitable handful of difficulty spikes, although in fairness, these were more down to my ineptitude than bad game design
    - Achievement list is fairly uninspired

    I enjoyed this, but it's fair to say I realised that platformers aren't one of my favourite types of game in the process of playing it, in that I could see it was incredibly well done and a very good game, but that something just didn't quite click with me as it should have done.

    3* for me / more* for a platformer fan.
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