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    I just finished Darksiders 2 as well and I was all around pretty disappointed. The first game set up a lot of interesting possibilities that this one completely failed to capitalize on.

    I wasn't so bothered about the fact it's a prequel, given the 4 horseman backstories, ala the Avengers, before doing one big game with them all, would be an amazing idea. The problem is neither War or Death have personalities and the story was the absolute worst kind of padding I've ever seen in a game. The premise is to basically reach the well of souls, revive humanity and clear Wars name.. and they manage to stretch that out to 25 hours.

    The game consists of going to a location, talking to an NPC, get told to retrieve macguffin, going to another location to find it, being told you have to collect 3 artefacts before you can enter dungeon with macguffin, talking to a new NPC, having to complete a task for him, etc, etc, etc. You could bring this complaint against many games, but they even attempt to mask it here, the pacing is awful and it doesn't once feel like you're ever achieving anything, you're just constantly striving towards that one goal and being passed around as the errand boy, despite the fact Death could snap anyone you meet with one hand. It's silly and the game feels like one huge slog.

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