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  • Deleted user 19 January 2013 16:39:31
    Devil May Cry Reboot

    Absolutely great stuff and I was a bit annoyed when it ended. Some minor annoyances were the platforming segments near the end with the fire that would sap your health while you fell to your death and the type specific enemies.

    I'm only taking points off as the last two bosses were pretty weak in terms of a challenge and I don't think it has too much replay value. Overall though one of the best action games I've played this gen and it deserves to be played by anyone even interested in the genre. Great OST by Combichrist as well.


    Hitman Absolution

    While it definitely had its moment s there was far too much filler involved for my liking. The disguise system was what annoyed me the most as enemies would instantly tell in a few seconds that you were not part of their group ( I was playing on hard though )

    I found certain missions absolutely awesome such as Shaving Lenny and The King of Chinatown but for each self contained hit there was too much sneaking filler to override it.

    I might play through a few missions on normal again just to see how the A.I reacts to the disguises but for my money this is not a patch on the original games but as I said it definitely had its moments.

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