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    Batman: Arkham City

    + excellent combat system from the first game little changed
    + boss fights much improved from first game

    As such, it should have been much more enjoyable, but...

    - the open world didn't quite work for me, and the game was pretty unfocused as a result, giving a feel of 'I'm saving the world later, I've just got to catch this baddie first'
    - I'm not a comics person, and had the feeling several minor baddies were added in purely for fan service
    - still not particularly a fan of the 'challenge room' idea
    - sniper sections felt slightly unfair in parts, although that was probably my incompetence
    - it felt too much like a sequel to a big name game, rather than a decent game on it's own merits


    Forza Horizon (I still have about 4 races to win, but this will do!)

    + slightly cheesy festival setting works really well, even though it shouldn't
    + possibly the best graphics I've seen on the 360
    + good variety of races
    + other racers have more personality than they should
    + arcade-y handling works for me
    + a beginners only online component is a great idea that far too few games use

    - too many cars. I appreciate the game is aimed at people who love this sort of stuff, but I just don't get it!
    - a little too much rubber-banding seems noticable on some races
    - wasn't made keen on the Playground online racing elements

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