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    CharlieStCloud wrote:
    sanctusmortis wrote:
    Dead Space 3 - 7/10

    Really really good game ...

    ... quite tense alone in parts, but never quite matches 2.
    Um, did you and I play a totally different game?!

    Was never once tense or scary and it is merely just 'okay' as oppose to 'really really good'.

    I tried so hard to like ... I think my (previous) score of 6/10 is a little bit too high, looking back at it.
    I'm more inclined to agree with Sanctus, than you Charlie, I have to say.

    About two-thirds through it now and am really enjoying it.

    I wish there was more space-based fun to be had of course, but I have found it tense and jumpy in places, especially those first few moments on the snow planet when necros start running at you through the storm.

    The gun-creation system is a great addition and the optional side missions aren't quite as bad as some reviews have made out. But really, overall, I don't see how this is any better or any worse than either of the previous two Dead Space games.

    And seeing as how I really liked the other two (except for the final 20 minutes or so of DS 2) I find little to fault this one on.
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