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    Tomo wrote:
    Spec Ops: The Line - 4/10

    Technically I didn't complete this as Steam decided to lose my save when I got to the penultimate chapter and I couldn't be fucked to go through 2 chapters again. Instead I just watched the endings on youtube.

    I so wanted to like it. It's commendable having a maturer narrative, but really the game itself is so boring, it's an utter chore slogging through the early parts to get to the meat of the story. The gun fights are dire. The on rails sections are boring. Considering the vast expanse that is a semi-deserted Dubai, the game funnels you down a completely linear path and there is no sense of scale whatsoever. The graphics are shit as well, even on PC with everything on max. It was just so painful to play.

    That said, the endings were intriguing and the white phosphorus moment made me feel absolutely terrible. I've never felt anything nearly as emotive as that in a game before. The writers clear have some talent, but the plot was wrapped up in the most dull game imaginable.
    Pretty much my feelings, having just completed it.

    Didn't think the story was much cop though. Certainly not worth playing through the game for, anyway.
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