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    Tomb Raider - 7/10

    This has all been said before on here:

    The opening couple of hours are great, Lara feels vulnerable, the first few enemy encounters are tense, there is a genuine feeling of strategy and suspense to them, and taking out enemies with the bow is satisfying and fun. The game is super slick, it controls perfectly, the cover mechanic is superb, the weather is convincing, it's polished to within an inch of its life, one of the best looking games on PS3.

    Unfortunately it soon becomes a derivative cake walk. The game hurls massive waves of enemies at you, removing all need for stealth and precision, in favour of laying down heavy machine gun fire.

    There is little emphasis on genuine exploration beyond, go here and pick up that object. Lara feels overpowered, and is far from isolated, she has all her friends with her, let alone the scores of hostiles. The platforming is on auto pilot, consisting of little more than pointing the stick in the right direction, what ever happened to tense, skilful platforming a la Sands of Time? The game is also constantly tearing down the suspension of disbelief, mission way points, XP, upgrades, collectables, pop-ups, reminding you that you are playing a game, immersive it aint.

    If you're after an serious po faced take on Uncharted, without the charm or corny wit, then this is the game for you. If you're expecting a return to Tomb Raider's golden age of isolation, puzzles and edge of your seat platforming, then sadly you're out of luck.
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