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    Finally made it to the end of this, despite starting it late last year. Great game. I got the low chaos ending, but it was never going to be any other way. This was a chance to get back to some Thief style gameplay rather than just kill my way through a tide of enemies until the credits rolled.

    Story was... much of a muchness in the end. Some of the characters were interesting and, given that it was a no-mark franchise before release, a pretty amazing voice cast too.

    I think I came pretty close to doing the whole game without killing anyone (occasionally, when setting down an unconscious body, I'd accidentally lob it over an edge) and with very few alarms. Scanning through the achievements, there's one for doing just that so I think I'll wait for the Game of the Year edition and then give it all another spin in a few months.

    I'm glad this did well for them, and looks like getting a sequel or two. If they can tighten up some of the control twitchiness and maybe kill off the loading screens entirely (both between levels, and when reloading after death) or at least get them down to nothing then I think it would be perfect.

    A next-gen makeover running at 60fps with a longer draw distance would really make the most of the setting also. Or I could just get it on PC. :)

    Amazing game.

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