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    Tomb Raider

    This was a very compromised game. It was trying to please too many people in the hope of being a mega-hit. In it's rush to tick all the boxes the flavours drowned each other out leaving it rather bland.
    The island and Lara were the main attractions. Lara is an interesting character to control and I felt invested in trying to keep her safe. The constant interruption of gunfight sequences though just served to spoil the atmosphere and were incongruent with her character. What must the body count have been by the end of the game - 500+ at least.
    The hidden tombs were overly facile and too short. There were not enough of them either. The game was littered with inconsequential treasure hunts and the constant need to 'salvage' identikit boxes was pretty retarded.
    The weapon upgrades seemed superfluous. You never really noticed any of the upgrades - they just seemed there as some sort of marker of progression.
    I wish they would do away with the puzzle hint 'survical instinct' as well. Leave people to figure it out for themselves - they find it more fun that way. If you get stuck you can always read gamefaqs.
    Some of the environments looked ridiculous by the time you had finished with them with all those ropes spread across them.
    Please just give us an atmospheric, visually spectacular exploration game next time with good puzzles, secrets to find, upgradable equipment to unlock new areas and sparing use of combat that carries a threat.

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