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    Ace Combat Assault Horizon (360)

    I've never played an AC game before, but picked this up on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. It was a good 8-10 hours of over the top craziness and plane porn. Not that I'm really into that sort of thing... but it did give me flashbacks to climbing into an Afterburner arcade machine as a kid.

    I played it on Rookie, because I just wanted to blow shit up for a while. It might need more strategy at higher difficulties. Story is completely bonkers, which is probably a good thing because it makes it easier to gloss over the fact you're sometimes blowing up relatively defenceless enemies. You get to visit quite a few "real world" locations, all which were nicely rendered and add to the ridiculousness of it all. The planes all look great as well - it was great switching to cockpit view and looking around inside each of them - and there are many of them.

    The main hook is dog-fighting mode, which is a close range lock-on. I thought it was a good solution to the usual problem of planes circling or whizzing past each other forever, but of course it is completely unrealistic, if that bothers you. There is also multiplayer, which could be quite good, but is currently dead. Anyway, if you feel you need more explosions in your life, and are sick of shooting stuff from the ground, I can recommend this.
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