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    Rhaegyr wrote:

    How would you rate it against The Thousand Year Door?

    The above is one of my personal favourites but I've never played the N64 game - still worth getting, especially after playing the sequel?
    I have played all Paper Mario/Super Mario RPG games on all systems except for Sticker Star (what I read about the gameplay mechanics put me off)

    I played Paper Mario 64 using the Wii's virtual console and using my Gamecube controller. Graphically it is an N64 game but really after the first 30min you don't notice anymore because already the charm, humour and gameplay mechanics have sucked you in.

    Personally, I found the humour in Thousand Year Door a bit better but that game had some ridiculous difficulty spikes at times.

    Paper Mario 64 is only 1000 wii points which I got through exchanging my club nintendo registration stars against wii points (so technically the game was free). Even if I did not have the points I would have bought it.

    In short, buy it, I promise you will not regret it.
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