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    TPReview wrote:
    It's not bad but a little pricey over what I think you'd pay if you'd made it.
    The PSU is quite weak (but components are using less and less power so this might not ever be an issue).
    I'd strongly recommend keeping an eye out for a good deal on an SSD as soon as possible and consider reinstalling Windows to that (it makes a hell of a difference).

    The only thing I don't particularly like in it is the GPU, it seems like you're paying quite a lot for an older 2GB card when for 60 more (on that site) you could get a Radeon R9 290 with 4GB memory and four free games. I've been using an r9 and at 1080p it seems like you can run anything at max.

    If that's at your budget then I'm sure it will do well but I'm always tempted to spend a little bit more if it's going to make much of a difference and I think over the next couple of years 4GB will become the new standard for GPUs
    Thanks for this.

    I think I will tweak the base model to make those changes.

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