#1303540, By lagairt Tomb Raider Legend

  • lagairt 8 Apr 2006 15:10:28 452 posts
    Registered 13 years ago
    Have mixed impression about this game - i really loved lara's first adventure and was hoping this would bring me back to that kind of experience again. unfortunately it has fallen short.

    Its easily the best sequal thats been released and the only true worthy one, they have definitely taken steps in the right direction and there are some good points. The visuals are good - but not what I would call next gen good - faces are still edgy environments are dark and boring in places. I still feel that lara is hard to control although this has been improved somewhat on previous versions.

    For me its like an XBOX or PS2 game with an increased number of polygons which isnt bad but I expect more.

    Will return on Monday.
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