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    MetalDog wrote:
    Dr_Dave: I have to disagree, Dawkins /does/ want to teach people about theology - he wants to teach them that it's evil. I've heard the man come out with statements like 'Religion has never done anything good for anyone' and he maintained that line even when pressed upon the absurdity of the statement by the interviewer.

    I'd be interested to see that, if you have a link. I'm not great fan of Dawkins' ability to debate theists on their home turf since he tends to get exasperated fairly easily - which isn't to say he's wrong, he's just not the best debater. But I've never seen him claim anything so absurd.

    It is my opinion that those trying to present the Bible as literal and scientific truth understand neither science, nor the history of their own scriptures.

    In truth, I'm not closed to the idea of a creator god, as in one that created the universe. It's as good a theory as anything else we've got. I do object to this theory being given higher ranking than others though, since we have no reason to. And I definitely object to creationist lines of though, which are nothing other than wrong.

    The universe is old. We evolved. There is no absolute morality. Anything else is just details.

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