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    Slime - still fun, still ticking along nicely.
    Dororo - so far amazing, probably just behind Neverland in the season. Two-cour so lots to look forward to, but this darker modern take is sublime - someone's been adding the '69 version on YT and the comparison is stark, but brillantly done.
    Mob Psycho - it's good, but still lacking that something special to elevate it to spectacular, bar the sakuga a few episodes ago. As good as the Reigen background was, it feels too much like a sidestep.
    Kaze ga blah.....Run With The Wind - the 'classy' choice, and only now building up the hype as the race begins in earnest. Solid as ever from IG.
    Kakegurui×× - the gambling has never made sense, but reactions are fun.
    Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! - still watching this. I have no idea why. Some comedy around the obsession bordering on creepy, but yeah......why am I ?
    Ueno-san wa Bukiyou - the other unsettling show, and I think I'm laughing at how far they've kicked the boundry of taste into oblivion, and then the over-sexualisation smacks right back. A guilty pleasure ?
    Domestic no Kanojo - well, best OP fight me, and we kept watching because it was pretty good. Then Ep5 happened, the filth appeared, and harem-time is growing closer. It was going so well, but that suppository took shit too far.
    3D Kanojo - I've watched it thus far, I'm finishing it dammit.
    Shield Hero - eh with the Spice & Wolf turn it's taken, but eh. Fun for a tea-break.
    Price of Smiles - the surprise still, lost a little steam, going to be a rush in the last few eps I feel.
    The Magnificent KOTOBUKI - the plane porn is still great, the world is intriguing, everything else is shallow as hell. Girls doing stuff, problems, better aircraft squads lose, girls save day. Every ep so far.
    My Roomate is a Cat - I still find this repetition from the cat PoV as annoying as a Stargate time-loop episode, and kinda lazy, but it knows exactly how to hit the feels spot. Damn you.
    Piano no Mori - I love these classical shows (Nodame ftw), but the horrible CGI still plagues it. Panning in 3D around the concert hall with a 2D crowd bleeurgh. Gran Turismo trees looked better.
    Boogiepop - 27th March for the OST cannot come quickly enough, and if it wasn't for Neverland, this editing would be the best this season. The whole overlapping of characters, the backwards timeframe, the unsettling stop/start of music throughout. Not my usual cup of tea, but I'm impressed.
    The Promised Neverland - top story, shot composition, directing, a sublime OST, and hell, even a few OTT reaction faces. It's got it all, and stands out as a great as long as it keeps up. Ongoing manga leads me to fear the worst.

    Dropped Monononokean (couldn't take Ashiya's VA any longer), and saved up Kemurikasa/Kemono S2 for a rainy Sunday binge.

    Probably the busiest season I've ever had !
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