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    Just back from the Nintendo event.
    I'm keeping my pre-order, but I wish I had gone for the neon version.

    Snipperclips and Zelda, as expected, can't freaking wait.
    Mario Kart: loved it, the pre-order stays, roll on April.
    1-2 Switch: sorry, but as far as I am concerned this is total garbage and full respect to the Nintendo booth staff who managed to keep their enthusiasm throughout the experience - despite drawing the shortest of the short straws.
    Arms: Really good fun - it's the one I thought I wouldn't like. I'm not too keen on motion controls, but this could be the one where this actually works! Very pleasantly surprised.
    Splatoon: my partner loved it (the first shooter she ever found engaging); I'm a bit meh, but I can see how this can become a family favourite when my nephews start getting into it.

    Hardware: no left controller issues. And I thought they were comfortable enough.
    Pro controller: I had my 10 minutes on Zelda and, controversially, I couldn't wait to go back to the "regular" controller. Horses for courses, etc apply, but I would recommend that people give the switch controller a chance for a week or two before spending 65 on the pro.

    I totally see how current WiiU owners might baulk at spending 360 to play Zelda and MK and it might make more sense for them to wait till Mario Odyssey is out; but my last Nintendo console was the GameCube and I have really missed these games.
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