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    Amazon delivered at 2:30.
    Played Zelda for 90 minutes in handheld mode (haven't bothered hooking it up to the TV yet).
    Sorry for all those who are experiencing de-syncing issues. I've detached my joycons, moved around 4-5 metres away and everything worked fine even when I performed the ultimate internet test, by playing with my hands behind my back :)
    I'd suggest that any de-syncing behaviour is not normal and anyone affected should get in touch with Nintendo.

    Fist impressions - Zelda is a heck of a lot of fun.
    - A bit disappointed that the joycon straps and the grip are "loose" when they are not in use. I would prefer it if there was a rail or magnet system to keep all three stuck together when not in use. Something is going to get lost at some point.
    - Would it have killed Nintendo to include the charging grip?
    - Most seriously, locking the joycons in place on the side of the console: the electronic clicking sound comes before the mechanical click which is the actual locking mechanism. Not clever.

    I think I'll keep it.
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