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  • striker 9 Mar 2017 18:03:10 2,605 posts
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    The Switch is really tempting, there's been an intense internal debate for the past few days. Bloody, even.

    But with the Wii U waiting at home with the only game really worth buying a console for, I think I'll be better off waiting for the inevitable discount in some local store further down the line, when there will be more quality games available.

    The main advantage of the Switch, right now,, would be Zelda on the move (be it inside or outside home), but I just can't see myself enjoying such a wonderful game on such a small screen. I know it is much better in color, brightness and resolution when compared to the Wii U Gamepad, but I think such a vast game, with such an incredible art direction, deserves to be played on a 50" plasma and not on a 6.2" LCD.

    It's the same with quality movies or TV shows, can't get myself to view them in small screens, I feel like I'm missing a lot...

    But I sure am buing one.
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