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    I don't have a Switch yet but I suppose I should mention for those that don't know about it that Thimbleweed Park is getting a physical Switch (PS4 too but wrong thread) release thrlugh Limited Run Games. There is a limited edition with limited copies (available at 11pm (GMT) and likely to sell out fast going by the 3pm (GMT) batch. The regular version is an open preorder though for two weeks. $34.99 plus shipping (which is the killer for Europe sadly at about $15), but if anyone wants it physically this may be the only release (although a few games like Wonderboy did get eventual retail releases)

    Took a risk myself despite not having a Switch yet (LE was out of my budget though).

    There are a couple of other NSW limited release retailers starting up too. Super Rare Games have (the mediocre looking) Human Fall Flat and Flame in the Flood on the way). You get UK oricing with them though and I imagine cheaper postage.

    I will keep an eye out for ganes I am interested in from it though. One day I will get a Switch... I still remember all of the moaning about problems with early Switches, have they fixed most if the issues now?
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