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    Are most of you remortgaging your house because youíve spent every penny on switch games and need more or something ?

    Thereís still LOADS of first party content I donít even know where to start with and I think the Switch has had stellar software support so far.

    Having just got into Hollow knight and competed Mario (along with a huge array of indie titles) , thereís still plenty of games on my radar such as Mario tennis, captain toad, donkey kong and Pokemon tourmement to name but a few.

    I donít care if they are rereleasing wii u games at the moment. Newsflash. Nobody actually bought a wii u and those games are amazing.

    If Nintendo released all of those spectacular games on the wii u ( a console that nobody bought ) donít you think they would be now cooking some amazing new games for a console that sold 20 million ? Stop panicking about no software and enjoy whatís actually on the system.
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