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  • XtraCheese 23 Aug 2018 17:25:26 130 posts
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    Newsflash again buddy. Nobody bought the wii u. Why the fuck wouldnít they port these amazing games?

    I assume you arenít business savvy and are probably sat in your pants eating Cheetos whilst thinking about how much you hate Nintendo games, but the fact they are rereleasing these stellar games with added features is a great move whilst they build new software.

    Iíll say again. The wii u had a great selection of games. And it sold fuck all. The Switch has sold 20 million units. Yes you read that correct. 20 million units. Do you think Nintendo plan to just not support it with software now they have sold fuck ton of hardware?

    The games are coming. Sitting there having a little giggle to yourself about how thereís not enough content for the Nintendo Switch isnít going to make them them come any quicker.
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