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    macmurphy wrote:

    I think I will. I remember I bought it on the Wii U and I was really uninspired when I bought it, thinking it would be same old smash which isnít great now Iím old and almost never do local MP.

    But actually getting all the trophies and the game unlocks and the mini games and the fan service was a lot of fun. Even as a one player game it kept me going for a really long time.

    I can understand people who say the central mechanics leave them unmoved, but I always found it quite good fun and if you can get local multiplayer games with likeminded friends itís a thing of wonder.

    So yeah, I think Iíll pick it up. I almost certainly would have done at some quiet point in the release schedule anyway. Sounds like thereís a lot of decent single player content and thatís all I was after.
    Smash is great fun in multiplayer, even online. I find it one of those games that's even fun if you're a bit shit at it, which I think partly is due to the concept of it (losing isn't quite as binary when it's 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 v 1).
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