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    el_pollo_diablo wrote:
    N64 and GC support will coincide with the announcement of a 'platinum' subscription model, mark my words.
    Personally i don't see GC games on a virtual console (or equivalent) ever happening. They're in that remaster territory and a good way to make money. Being the start of modern game design the era has aged pretty well too.

    Also i can see a conflict of interest with the remasters they have already put out like Wind Waker HD. People would just moan that its not on the service and they have to 'pay' for it when ever one would be released. There is also that cross over point with Wii games as well which are effectively GC games on a different system. With rumours of a MP trilogy release coming out this year i just can't really see it happening. Unless they went with a game pass system perhaps.

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