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    Lutz wrote:
    martu wrote:
    I think 'race' is a purely social construct that can't be defined in any useful or complete way. Unless you can define it for me?
    Erm, I have done. See above. Race is a genetic difference in humans from different parts of the globe.

    I'm sorry but you'll have to be more detailed than that between any too people (ignore identical twins) there are genetic differences so which genetic differences define 'race'?

    Lutz wrote:
    Bloodline: What race his family are, were etc. His ancestors.

    So you're defining race by his bloodline which you're defining by his family's race? Isn't this circular?

    Lutz wrote:
    martu wrote:
    In purely scientific terms there is no such thing as different races, when most people use the term 'race' they really should use the term 'culture'.
    I agree, to some degree. Most people define race as "You're from Pakistan and you worship satan" etc etc (Well, the nasty bastards do) however that is cultural and religious differences. However a perfect example of racism is calling someone "You black bastard". You have singled them out for having a different genetic make up, and NOTHING else. THAT is racism.
    There ARE genetic differences in humans, and their are culteral differnce in humans. The chap who lives a couple of doors down from me has the same culture, however he has a few racial different features, primarily he has darker skin.
    The lines were drawn at a time when an arbitrary difference between populations, in this case physical characteristics especially skin colour, were used to separate 'them' and 'us'. Why? Mainly to feel superior but also to justify, or at least excuse, certain rather abhorrent actions.
    Again, agreed in part. This is culteral, religious, political and racial differences and negativity. Racial negativity would be "You're a black bastard" or similar. Religious would be "You're a Hindu twat", political would be "You're a Tory arsehole" and culteral would be... Erm, not 100% on a purely culteral one TBH, but they do exist. :)
    We now know that there is more genetic diversity between the peoples of Eastern Africa than there are between any other groups of people.

    Exactly, this shows that there are different races, and differences within that race. People who live in hotter climes have darker skin, this is racial trait. Not a cultural one.

    Again you've chosen arbitrary differences between people and defined them as being your markers for race. Are people who have blue eyes a different race to those that have brown eyes? If not why not? Why is pigmentation a marker for race and eye colour isn't?

    The East African example means that you're more likely to have a greater genetic difference between 2 people of East Africa than, say, a Native American and a European. Just how many races are there in East Africa? An Ethiopian has a markedly different skin colour to an Egyptian, are they the same or different races?

    Again sorry for the questions but if you think race means something you should be able to answer these questions, I can't.

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