#688923, By Anyone having trouble with BT b/band? (suprise suprise...;0)

  • Deleted user 6 April 2005 17:54:25
    Universal Hamster wrote:
    Heres a puzzler:
    My friend and I are unable to play xbox live games against each other. Why? well, when we try to join each others games, it says the session is no longer available.
    Im with Pipex, and have a netgear router, while he is with BT, and has the BT router. Our best guess is that its something to do with the routers being incompatible.
    Can anyone shed light, or a solution onto this particular problem?

    Hamster you are correct, it has nothing to do with your ISP it is the router. You need to do a bit of port forwarding to get it to work. Or as I did just setup a DMZ and forward everything to the xbox. Will work fine after that. If you want to go the port forwarding route try the Xbox Support site must be in there somewhere.


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