#696396, By sheepfish "I'm choosing the Conservative party because I'm tired of hearing things are getting better."

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    otto wrote:
    Khanivor wrote:
    Naw the forum is just anti-Tory. I wonder if another ten years will be enough for people to give them a chance. Took that long for people to give Labour another go, and no matter what you say about the Thatcher era they didn't quite fuck things up as much as the last Labour government.
    Welcome to planet surreal, population: Khanivor

    I hope you were laughing when you typed that. Or are you really too young to remember?

    It's really just Khanivor is it Otto? After all, Thatcher won 3 general elections. That means a majority of people in this country felt the same way, at the time.

    Also, Blair, Brown et al, renamed the Labour Party as 'New' Labour and significantly altered the policies and priorities of the party. Why? It wasn't because they were on planet 'surreal' was it? For the same reason, they swore, virtually in blood, that they would stick to Tory spending plans during their first term in office. Why? Because the public and the business sector were well aware of their previous record on the economy.

    So on planet 'surreal', we now have a majority of the British public (3 times), Blair, Brown, and the parliamentary Labour Party, the business sector and financial industry.

    I'm too young to remember either Thatcher, or what went before. This gives me the ability to look back objectively, something that others here cannot do.
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