#696439, By sheepfish "I'm choosing the Conservative party because I'm tired of hearing things are getting better."

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    morriss wrote:
    So Sheepfish, because you didn't actually live in those times i.e. you havn't got any first-hand experience - this, according to your logic, equates to a more qualified opinion?

    /finds cliff

    /hurls himself from it

    As you finished with a question mark, I'll answer.

    No. My logic implies that i will not be overly swayed by personal bias. When I was at university there was a natural left bias but it wasn't rampant, as it has been at universities in the recent past. There have been no riots or sustained national strikes against the social policies of a party during my adult life. This is totally different to people who grew up in the 70's and 80's. I have no natural bias in this respect. I feel this is a double edged sword. I can be more objective, but it's frustrating to live in such apathetic times.


    Care to refute and of the actual points made about the consequences of the Labour Government of the late 70's. No? Shut up then.
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