#696479, By sheepfish "I'm choosing the Conservative party because I'm tired of hearing things are getting better."

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    A Tory government would not improve things. They are possibly the most pathetic group of under-achievers in the country at the moment. That they get good press for their policies is a very sad indication of just how stupid our electorate is.

    To hear Michael (Hecht) Howard and speak out against immigration is just lunacy, he is the son of an immigrant for Gods sake. If he doesn't not have th conviction to stand up for that, with his background, frankly i won't trust him on anything. It's like a woman arguing for lower pay and less equal opportunitys.

    However, Bainbrge, I do get irritated with this constant crowing about the economy. Forget macro-economics, if you vote because of those then your a mug. How is your personal economic situation? Personally, I'm fucked. I work full time and cannot even nearly begin to afford a place to buy, of any sort, within 10 miles of where I live now. That's just shit. There is no public transport so petrol is a large expense, and I'm screwed on that. I'm a single earner, so i get no tax credits, loans or benefit. I pay a huge amount of council tax and I'm paying back my tertiary education.

    So, the GDP of the country grew at 3.1%, and the budget deficit is low, blah blah. Bollocks. If you vote on statistics like that then you've wasted your vote. It's a personal vote, vote on your personal circumstances, not some abstract figures that you don't really understand, and have little idea of how they're calculated and what they really mean.

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