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    Derblington wrote:
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    Derblington wrote:
    They really need some kind of tutorial to tell you what to do.
    They have the barest of one: 'go talk to these dudes for quests'. I mean, sure, but you know how players are Rare :D
    Yeah, did that. And then it tells you nothing more.
    So I wandered around the island. wandered to my boat and interacted with a few things, and then set sail for nowhere.

    Then it told me to put a Voyage on the map, but not how. And I couldn't figure it out. I can see the 3 I have but there's no way of interacting with them?

    It's so badly done and its going to hurt it. I'm genuinely surprised they've left it in this state after all the tests they've done.
    To do the voyages you go to the table either near the map (on the Sloop) or in the Captain's Cabin (Galleon) and propose the voyage. If solo, you're proposing it to yourself, in effect.

    It's bizarre. I kind of feel like Rare have been so immersed in the alpha and beta stuff and talking to the 'community' that they've kind of missed the other, far larger community: new players.
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