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    Just had a great session taking on a Skeleton Fort. Not easy at all, but pleased with our eventual solution of turning the ship so we could broadside the beach and nuke the skele captain and his crew. So much treasure!

    A few niggles, though. Lack of tutorial for new players, the inability to tweak your lobby settings in game, and other stuff like the Mysterious Stranger 'quest' not being very interesting at all. Surely that was a chance to weave a mild bit extra narrative in, even if it's just to facilitate you making your story? I know that's not what they're going for, but it'd be more interesting... Another issue, one which was seen in the beta, is that Sloops are more common than Galleons, at least in my experience. Solo play is fine and all, but it's not where the real crazy happens.

    Still, it's gorgeous and emergent and I love the spirit of it.
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