#11991589, By colinmac Project Cars 2

  • colinmac 22 Sep 2017 09:36:44 773 posts
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    I got it last night (steam unlocked it).

    It's amazing graphically. AI are still a bit suspect - although I always find myself giggling with glee when they stoke it badly and cause a pile up.

    The driving, sound, ffb, and changing weather - amazing.

    I am well aware of the shortcomings of PC1, but still have more than 300 hours of just racing with mates, and a little bit of online. Some campaign but never completed a season yet.

    Full disclosure: I use a wheel - no idea about joypad play, but it's some tour-de-force otherwise.

    I've got F1, but although its good graphically, it kinda left me cold.
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