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    sam_spade wrote:
    News isn't the time to start broadcasting manifestos of political partys. That's what manifestos and party political broadcasts are for. If you cared, and if the populace cared, they'd know what they were.

    There are no big ideological differences between the parties really. Certainly not any that are currently featuring as election issues. All the difference is in fine detail, such as specific fiscal policies. Just watch the news and see how many times a reporter refers to 'the details' or 'the differing policies', without actually saying what the differences are. Often it would only take a sentence or 2 to explain the different positions. Instead, the reporter, much more often than not, will launch into a theory about what sector of voters that the party is aiming for.

    Well fuck me. If the policy is a good one, and the research has been done, the particular sector of voters WILL be sucessfully reached by the message. It does not take the BBC to tell people that a policy may be of interest to them. For example, i'm sure a first time buyer knows that they are a first time buyer and they do not need to be told by the BBC: 'Labour is hoping to attract first time buyers.' It's lunacy.
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