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    EvilGenius wrote:
    first things first Duncan. I agree that some Asylum seekers should be allowed to stay if they are indeed in danger of being killed, BUT.. when you seek Asylum you must do it in the 1st safe country you cross to. IFAIK thats what it means.

    Now how many countries do have to cross to get to britain? IMHO while there are some ppl who are in need of help, alot come here because of the freebies ( NHS, benefits. ).

    We're an island, of course we're not going to be the first safe country many asylum seekers arrive at. We are however part of the human race (most of us at least, a couple on this thread seem not to be) and so we need to take our share. Otherwise, what would happen? When a cises happens, it often happens in a poor part of the world, for example, Sudan. The surrounding countries simply cannot cope with refugees, they are too poor. We need to take our share. Don't think other countries offload all the asylum seekers on us either. Every developed country takes a good number, many countries take a far higher proportion compared to their population.

    In your opinion, a lot of people come here for the freebies? Fuck off. What bollocks. What fucking freebies? If they are an asylum seeker, they are being persecuted at home. They will stay here for a few months and then most likely leave again. If their application fails, they get nothing from the state. Nothing, fuck all.

    Theirs a bigger picture here. In this world, we are incredibly rich. Hugely rich, beyond the imagination of most human beings born on this planet. Poor people will come here for a better life, we're rich, they're poor, they will come here. It's very simple. I say 'welcome'. If a person on the other side of the planet, with no money, prospects or future, makes his way to this country then he is the type of person we want. To have the gumption to leave his family, friends, culture and way of life to move to a small, crowded, and cold little island shows that these people are motivated. More motivated than the small minded bigots like yourself who are too stupid and selfish to appreciate the opulent and frankly disgusting lifestyle you are leading compared to 99% of the human beings alive today. We want these people in our country, they will keep us rich. You think a man comes here at great personal risk and expense in order to have a free check-up on the NHS? You're full of shit.
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