#710114, By Cyberdude post EG LAN Fallout Thread (caution contains artificial chemical ingredients and pics)

  • Cyberdude 25 Apr 2005 08:52:01 509 posts
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    hey guys!"!!!!!

    So many highlights;
    Top spin with a great tenis partner (he was good at aces, but I had to carry him in the main game:p)
    BFV fun action and sniping Whizzo from about 2 miles away :p
    Seeing a PSP WOOW gonna have to get one!!!!!
    Seeing a DS WOOW gonna have to get a PSP!!!! (lol)
    The EG guys (and gals), great bunch of people that we were all pleased to spend a weekend with.
    SILVER JOHN and his gay maffia story and bless him we all know what turned his hair silver now! (very funny fella).
    Late night poker, next time we play for money and see you bluff you 7 high card now :p

    You guys are always welcome at any dreamlan event, bring consoles or PCs, it is actually nice to take a break from PC gaming and watch someone with a sticky ball suck up the world lol.

    Thanks for a great weekend guys!!!!!!

    Lost property:
    One empty gamcube memory box.
    One copy of the Bongos game thingy
    One grey sweat cardigan :p
    One used Black sock
    A few beers (now been claimed ;-)

    I can post the game today if you email me your address oxford_steve [at] Hotmail.com

    Cheers Guys

    you can find the list of events at teh signup page:

    if you need another EG meet this year pls let me know.


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