#710688, By Cyberdude post EG LAN Fallout Thread (caution contains artificial chemical ingredients and pics)

  • Cyberdude 25 Apr 2005 14:50:06 509 posts
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    [$mooth] EcToX wrote:


    Tho i am 15 now :p and besides, half of the people there acted like 15 year olds anyway so it was easy! :)

    Was great fun! there was some total twats there but none of which belonged to the EG crew!
    .... the EG lot (not the dreamlamers) are all very nice and dont look like resi evil4 badguys whatsoever!

    Im sure the rest of the Dreamlan regulars who were there and read these forums are not to happy to be summed up like that. Especially as you had special dispensation to be there normally its 18 years+ only. This is to prevent kids shittalking and annoying everyone else!!!
    The rest of the EG crew seemed to get on with everyone. I guess this means you wont be at the next.

    All in all a great event!
    Thanks guys.

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