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    Every once in a while a game comes out where it feels I fit into the exact target demographic. Zone of the Enders 1/2 was the last time I felt that way.
    Have only just made it to the end of Season one (so not seen the coolest bit yet) but the ship form combat is already pure bliss. I love the feeling of the physics and the way you can change direction with a bit of boost at the last minute to evade enemies, then strafe attack them. There's so much technique involved, it's rare to see so much emphasis on he controls like this, like they are deliberately part of the learning curve (I can think of maybe only armoured core which did something similar).

    Anyway it's a great game, some of the complaints like framerate, too much in game chat and some other bugs are being worked on:


    That's not to say the game is really buggy, it's not. Just that the dev's seem to be committed to developing the game further. I really hope it does well as with the current engine and a bigger budget, they could really expand upon the game.

    Basically I love it.
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