#716689, By Cyberdude DREAMLAN MAY EVENT 13-15th in oxfordshire

  • Cyberdude 29 Apr 2005 11:21:00 509 posts
    Registered 14 years ago
    Hey guys...
    Our next event is comming soon...
    Those of you still wanting to improve your Joint Ops skilz or BFV skilz nows the time ;-)
    Also if you would like to bring comsoles to lighten the mood thats also v cool.......
    The venue is the same as for the Eurogamerlans we have been running.
    Added bonus we have a few mor gituarists and liable to have a few drunken sing songs, more late night poker.... and the odd game of risk :-)

    I am also planing to run a few fun tournys.......with prizes!

    To signup please go here http://www.dreamlan.co.uk/signup
    To find the venue:

    I know a few of you at the last event said you would like to come to more...well heres your chance ;-)

    See you at the party ;-)

    Mr sleep and nuttah, fancy trying your hand at some more poker ? ;-)

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