#12333195, By sunjumper Donald Trump, first orange US President

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    nickthegun wrote:
    I'm starting to think that he may be the best thing that ever happened to the world.

    He's shown that there are literally no consequences for doing whatever the fuck you like, so something has to change.

    None of the robust 'safeguards' apply to him in office, no tax returns, no divestment of interests, lies with impunity and what would happen if he did fuck over asylum seekers? Absolutely nothing.

    'hes breaking international law!'

    'oh yeah? What the fuck are you going to do about it?'

    If nothing else, he's exposing the absolute impotence of institutions we now very obviously take for granted.

    And the fucking Tories have started doing it too!
    A further advantage to him is that he is an idiot who thinks that he's a genius, while having the temperament and nature of an autocrat.

    Watching him teaches us how such people act with the added benefit of him being so inept at it that pretty much every corrupt thing he does is absolutely obvious. THis helps to recognise the same characteristics in people who are cleverer than he is and are better in hiding their dictatorial goals behind pretty lies and competent propaganda.
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