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    blizeH wrote:
    very slick UI

    PS2Load on the other hand...

    Just curious though, what games does this exactly add compatibility for?

    It's basically the version which gets SotC working (v0.7b I think, been a while since I did the original exploit) with a patch for God of War 2.

    The ones I've tried so far (God of War 2, Buzz: The Music Quiz, Shadow Hearts Covenant and Final Fantasy XII) all still don't work! :(

    God of War 2 should work (obviously!); I haven't got Buzz, but it's listed as compatible.

    FF XII needs patching to work - get the patch and apply it with WinHIIP (though the cut scenes have sound glitches, so you might be better off running it from the disc).

    /looks up

    I wrote:
    Don't forget to turn on the 'Kill HDLoader after launch' compatibility option though or you'll be scratching your head wondering why it won't load. ;)
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