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    I now have bounties I can't afford to pay in both New Hanover and whatever's to the West of there. The New Hanover one was from a botched side-mission where I thought I was shooting at members of the nasty gang I'd heroically rescued someone from, but it turned out they were lawmen responding to my trigger-happy rescue.

    Also had the really annoying thing a couple of others have mentioned where you brush past someone on your horse in a town and suddenly the whole town goes into lockdown because you've become Wanted with a bounty.

    There's a lot to love about this game, but I'm definitely finding most evenings that it reaches a point where I don't want to play any more- whereas I'd stay up til I was ready to drop with both RDR and GTA V. Maybe it will improve after a few more story missions (I'm in Chapter 1 and only just unlocked the ledger and camp upgrades), and I'll see it through regardless, but it's more of a slog than I'd have expected so far.
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