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    Ron_Justice wrote:
    hedben2013 wrote:
    Got my first legendary kill last night, a buck. Learned in the process that you can store more than one pelt on your horse?? I need to read up on storing pelts and carcasses, because I've been skinning everything when taking the whole animal might have been more efficient.
    Skinning is more efficient I think. You harvest the meat, fat, antlers etc. as well as the pelt and can do so for each kill, assuming you have the necessary satchel capacity, that you store on your horse. If you take the whole animal, you can only get one large kill and 4 small kills on the horse.
    Thanks, I was thinking more that when my satchel's full I could be storing whole carcasses on my horse and then skinning them once I've sold what I'm carrying. Not sure I'll be that bothered about hunting now that I've got my skunk hat and matching boots... can't improve on perfection
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