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    ruttyboy wrote:
    To The_Lid

    How can you advise someone that one is better without having ever used the other 0_o

    And IMO manual transfering of files is just not acceptable. You didn't buy an external HDD, you bought a consumer MP3 player.

    EDIT: Hang on, have you edited in a 'not' or am I just losing it? :)

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    The "not" was there all the time, I added the whole paragraph at the same time. Sorry, you must be losing it :-)

    You're correct, I didn't just buy an external HDD. I bought a great MP3 player, with a radio, the battery lasts twice as long as the main competition and I don't get ripped off when I need a new one, I get to chose what software I want to use (if any) and it's an external HDD.

    Only thing I don't like about it is that the controls on the unit itself are crap but I tend to use the remote which is fine.

    BTW, I'm trying not to get into a "mine is better than yours" arguement. There's been a few of those already I believe.

    When it comes to transfering my music to the HDD it's not really that manual. I have a shortcut on my desktop that does "xcopy c:\my music\*.mp3" h:\ /d /e /c /h /r /y" so all I do is plug it in and double click on the icon.

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